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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Cyprian work?

2. Why does Dwayne think about a particular family member in Chapter 6?

3. What is Dwayne's medical condition mentioned in Chapter 1?

4. Who influenced The Narrator in his earlier life?

5. What is Kilgore invited to do at the event in Midland City?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the reason for The Narrator saying his name is Philboyd Studge?

2. What does Dwayne do in Chapter 4 that alludes to his increasing mental instability?

3. What is the irony of Kilgore browsing in the pornography shop in New York?

4. After pondering the question on the bathroom wall, what is Kilgore lead to think about?

5. Who sends Kilgore a fan letter and what is the book that the fan praises?

6. What is the difference between Dwayne's personal life and business life?

7. How is the Preface in Breakfast of Champions presented in terms of genre?

8. What is Kilgore's counter argument to the driver's stance on the need for conservation of natural resources?

9. What is the plot of the science fiction novel Kilgore comes up with while watching films at the pornography theatre?

10. Why does Dwayne think he is hallucinating Wayne when he first meets him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After seeing a message scrawled on the wall of the bathroom in the pornography theatre, Kilgore ponders the question at length. Discuss this scene with a clear thesis explaining why Kilgore devotes such attention to the question and how it affects him.

Essay Topic 2

Rabo, Beatrice and Patty are introduced as characters in the hotel lounge scene and their conversation becomes the focus of Chapter 19. Up until this chapter, The Narrator's claim that no one character is more important than any other character has been building. Support this claim - that all characters in any work are of equal importance - with Rabo, Beatrice, Patty and their conversation.

Essay Topic 3

Towards the end of the novel, Rabo Karabekian, a minimalist artist, makes an appearance and his speech in the hotel lounge is noted by The Narrator as the spiritual climax of the book. What is Rabo's speech about and how is it the spiritual climax? Is it possible that Rabo's art could be a metaphor for The Narrator's novel? Explore this question through Rabo's speech and use specific examples from the text to support your answer.

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