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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who invites Wayne into the hotel after noticing that he is loitering?
(a) The Narrator.
(b) The receptionist.
(c) The cook.
(d) Dwayne.

2. Who is Bunny Hoover?
(a) Dwayne's cousin.
(b) Dwayne's mother.
(c) Dwayne's biological brother.
(d) Dwayne's son.

3. What happens to Bunny while he is playing piano?
(a) He thinks about other songs to play.
(b) He goes into a trance.
(c) He gets into a good mood.
(d) He becomes giddy.

4. What does The Narrator note about Eliot after he has arrived in Midland City?
(a) He is featured in another of The Narrator's novels.
(b) He wishes he had not written Eliot into the novel.
(c) He stole the idea of Eliot's character from another novel.
(d) He is going to delete Eliot's character from the novel.

5. What does Dwayne do when he gets back to the car dealership?
(a) He calls the waitress.
(b) He tries to find a cure for his disorder.
(c) He talks to Harry.
(d) He looks at pornography.

Short Answer Questions

1. After The Narrator decides to do something new with the novel, how does he accomplish this objective?

2. What does Francine do with her day after Dwayne leaves the motel?

3. Who is the 17-year-old waitress that serves Dwayne his hamburger?

4. What does Dwayne ask Kilgore when he finally walks over to his table after The Narrator speeds up the novel's pace?

5. What can the reader do, according to the literature Kilgore is reading?

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