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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bonnie MacMahon, a waitress, say whenever she serves a patron a martini?
(a) "Breakfast of champions!"
(b) "Now it can be told!"
(c) "Happy hour!"
(d) "Goodbye blue Monday!"

2. What does the person who recognizes Kilgore at the hotel claim he has returned from?
(a) A negative life.
(b) New York City.
(c) Poverty.
(d) Existentialism.

3. What does Kilgore do when he leaves the hospital?
(a) Fills out a report for the police.
(b) Tries to contact Eliot.
(c) Looks for the arts festival.
(d) Tries to find Dwayne.

4. In the epilogue, what is Kilgore looking for as he wanders around the local hospital?
(a) The operating room.
(b) Bunny.
(c) The billing office.
(d) Francine.

5. What does Kilgore discover as the driver describes the bad novel?
(a) He has read the novel as well.
(b) He knows the author who wrote it.
(c) It is one of his novels.
(d) It is his favorite novel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What direction is Kilgore traveling in at the beginning of Chapter 16?

2. Who tries to intervene in Dwayne's beating and also gets a finger bitten off?

3. What does Kilgore wade through at the beginning of Chapter 20?

4. What does Kilgore decide after the driver tells him about the bad novel he has read?

5. What has Kilgore often imagined that he remembers when he sees The Narrator in the lounge?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the parallel between Dwayne's irrelevant phrases and the narrative?

2. How are Wayne and the reader similar to one another in Chapter 19?

3. What is the book the driver describes having read that Kilgore realizes is one of his own novels about?

4. In Now It Can Be Told, what is the main difference between the creator of the universe and the reader?

5. What is the conflict that Dwayne might have with his twin brothers, Lyle and Kyle?

6. What causes Kilgore to get out of the car and start walking toward Midland City and his fateful meeting with Dwayne?

7. What does The Narrator convince Kilgore of at the end of the novel?

8. What is the connection between Dwayne's house and the stream of pollution that Kilgore wades through?

9. Why did Dwayne send his son, Bunny, to a military school?

10. What does The Narrator state is the spiritual climax of the novel?

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