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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 21, who surrounds Rabo at the piano in the hotel lounge?
(a) Syncophants.
(b) His family and friends.
(c) Conductors.
(d) A string quartet.

2. What does Kilgore notice about what he is wading through?
(a) It coming from an all natural spring.
(b) It is also flowing to the Sacred Miracle Cave.
(c) It is the result of the Midland City power plant.
(d) It is coming from his house.

3. How did Dwayne respond to what Bunny said at ten years-old?
(a) He grounded him.
(b) He sent him to live with relatives.
(c) He sent him to a psychiatrist.
(d) He sent him to military school.

4. What is the bad novel the driver tells Kilgore about?
(a) A roulette that determines good art.
(b) An art movement that focuses on the mundane.
(c) An artist that cuts off his ear and loses his artistic talent.
(d) An artist that imagines painting, but does not paint.

5. What does Francine do with her day after Dwayne leaves the motel?
(a) Looks for Dwayne.
(b) Catches up on work.
(c) Quits her job.
(d) Leaves work early.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Beatrice Keedlser?

2. What does Wayne do after watching the patrons through the peephole?

3. Where does Kilgore see the coal mining landscape?

4. What is Kilgore devastated about after being recognized at the hotel?

5. Where is Eliot Rosewater at the beginning of Chapter 24?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the book the driver describes having read that Kilgore realizes is one of his own novels about?

2. What is the book, Now It Can Be Told, that Kilgore reads in the car about?

3. What is the conflict that Dwayne might have with his twin brothers, Lyle and Kyle?

4. What does The Narrator say about himself, Kilgore and Dwayne once they are all in the hotel lounge?

5. What is it that The Narrator claims has been stalking him throughout the book?

6. Why does the sight of The Narrator in the hotel Lobby make Kilgore nervous?

7. What does The Narrator make note of in Chapter 17 about his and Bunny's mothers?

8. What does Grace, Harry's wife, tell Harry he should do regarding his job at Dwayne's dealership?

9. What does The Narrator state is the spiritual climax of the novel?

10. Why does The Narrator place himself in the hotel lounge scene?

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