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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 10, what is Kilgore's contrary position to the driver's conversation?
(a) Conserving does not work.
(b) It is too difficult to mobilize people to conserve.
(c) God creates natural disasters even if conservation occurs.
(d) No one cares about conserving.

2. Who does Dwayne believe the insight he gains from reading Kilgore's novel is from?
(a) President of the United States.
(b) Satan.
(c) His late father.
(d) Creator of the Universe.

3. Who sits near Dwayne during breakfast?
(a) Kilgore.
(b) Cyprian.
(c) Eliot.
(d) Philboyd.

4. How much is the check for that is enclosed in the letter that Kilgore receives?
(a) Two thousand dollars.
(b) Five hundred dollars.
(c) Three thousand dollars.
(d) One thousand dollars.

5. What does Dwayne Hoover do for a living?
(a) Store clerk.
(b) Car salesman.
(c) Manufacturer.
(d) Contractor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kilgore believe the fan letter was written by a child?

2. Why does Kilgore decide to go to the event in Midland City that he is invited to?

3. What does Kilgore muse about after arriving in the city in Chapter 12?

4. What does The Narrator foreshadow Kilgore convincing Dwayne about?

5. What does Dwayne demand from Kilgore when he first meets him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Dwayne think he is hallucinating Wayne when he first meets him?

2. Why does Dwayne have to stand in line at his own hotel?

3. After pondering the question on the bathroom wall, what is Kilgore lead to think about?

4. Why is Kilgore reluctant at first to accept the invitation to speak at the arts festival?

5. in Chapter 12, what does the driver recognize as a difference between himself and Kilgore?

6. Who sends Kilgore a fan letter and what is the book that the fan praises?

7. In Chapter 10, why does Kilgore have to sit on the floor of the truck he rides in?

8. Who is Cyprian Ukwende and why is he staying at the Midland City Holiday Inn?

9. Who asks Kilgore to be a keynote speaker and why?

10. What happens to Kilgore after he notices that a car is following him as he walks down 42nd Street?

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