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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kilgore attempt to do after reading what was written on the bathroom wall?
(a) Beam his thoughts to the creator.
(b) Start a seminar on science fiction.
(c) Create a new language.
(d) Contact alien life forms.

2. What does Kilgore see that caused the traffic jam he was stuck in?
(a) A car hijacking.
(b) Fatal car crash.
(c) A dead cow.
(d) Road work.

3. In Chapter 10, what is Kilgore's contrary position to the driver's conversation?
(a) It is too difficult to mobilize people to conserve.
(b) Conserving does not work.
(c) God creates natural disasters even if conservation occurs.
(d) No one cares about conserving.

4. What is Dwayne described as in terms of his wealth?
(a) Self-made man.
(b) Rags to riches.
(c) Nouveu-riche.
(d) Ostentatious.

5. What does Kilgore decide after reading what he saw written in the bathroom?
(a) To kill himself.
(b) To join a new religion.
(c) To act as the eyes, ears and conscious of the creator.
(d) To live his life as he has been doing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the check meant for that Kilgore receives with the letter?

2. Who does The Narrator feel the novel was written by?

3. What does Kilgore's novel tell the story of?

4. Why does Dwayne think about a particular family member in Chapter 6?

5. What happens to Kilgore after he leaves the bathroom in Chapter 7?

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