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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Dwayne believe the insight he gains from reading Kilgore's novel is from?
(a) President of the United States.
(b) Creator of the Universe.
(c) His late father.
(d) Satan.

2. What is Dwayne's medical condition mentioned in Chapter 1?
(a) Schizophrenic.
(b) Advanced dementia.
(c) Chemically imbalanced.
(d) Alzheimer's Disease.

3. Who does The Narrator feel the novel was written by?
(a) Dwayne Hoover.
(b) Kilgore Trout.
(c) Phoebe Hurty.
(d) Philboyd Studge.

4. Who does Kilgore receive a letter from in Chapter 3, asking him to speak at an arts festival?
(a) Eliot Rosewater.
(b) Philboyd Studge.
(c) Fred T. Barry.
(d) Dwayne Hoover.

5. What kind of dog does Dwayne have?
(a) Schnauzer.
(b) Labrador.
(c) Terrier.
(d) Golden retriever.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is undergoing a mental collapse at the beginning of the book?

2. Why does Kilgore decide to go to the event in Midland City that he is invited to?

3. What does Dwayne believe about everyone else after reading Kilgore's novel?

4. What is Dwayne described as in terms of his wealth?

5. What does Kilgore refer to mirrors as?

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