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Essay Topic 1

The overall genre of Breakfast of Champions is fiction; however the Prologue and Epilogue are written to be viewed as nonfiction with general facts about the world. Write a well crafted argument for how the Prologue and Epilogue affect the rest of the narrative.

Essay Topic 2

The two main protagonists of Breakfast of Champions, Kilgore Trout and Dwayne Hoover, have had tumultuous relationships throughout their lives beginning in childhood and moving on into their adulthood. Assess the two characters, based on their relationships with others, and conclude whether they are, in fact, similar to one another or foils.

Essay Topic 3

Who is The Narrator in Breakfast of Champions? The unnamed narrator claims to be a real person, but defies conventional literature and even physics at numerous points throughout the plot. What is his role within the novel? Using specific examples from the text, write a thesis...

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