Breakfast of Champions Character Descriptions

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Kilgore Trout

This character has written numerous short stories, but by choice, does not receive payment or recognition for them.

Dwayne Hoover

This character rampages through the Midland City, assaulting several people, before being apprehended by the police.

The Narrator

This character dictates where characters go and what they do by simply writing a scene about it.

Francine Pefko

This character downplays and even hides her own intelligence in order to fill the accepted role within society.

Eliot Rosewater

This character's handwriting is so illegible that it is dismissed as being that of a child.

Fred T. Barry

This character acts and dresses as if from China.

Celia Hoover

This character dies from ingesting a solvent used to clear clogged pipes.

George (Bunny)

This character wishes to have been born a woman.

Leo Trout

This character was shipped off to Vietnam, but committed treason by joining the Viet...

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