Breakfast at Tiffany's Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the narrator's first New York apartment.

The narrator's first New York apartment is in a brownstone. His room is crowded with old furniture and the walls are stucco. There is one window, which looks out onto the fire escape. The narrator notes that the apartment has everything he needs to become the writer he wants to be.

2. Describe Joe's bar.

Joe's bar is described as quiet compared to other bars in the area, as it has neither neon or a TV. Two mirrors adorn the walls, along with photographs of hockey stars. Also, Joe always has a large bowl of fresh flowers.

3. What is the story about that Joe tells the narrator?

Joe tells the narrator about Mr. Yunioshi's trip to Africa, where he comes across a wood carving that looks exactly like Holly Golightly. After some time, Mr. Yunioshi is able to find out that three white people had stayed with the artist, and one of them was a woman. Joe Bell is convinced that the white woman is Holly.

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