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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 11-14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What awakens the narrator on the night he first sees Holly Golightly?
(a) Mr. Yunioshi calling down the stairs.
(b) A nightmare about New York.
(c) Holly Golightly knocking on the narrator's door.
(d) Holly Golightly shouting at Mr. Yunioshi.

2. At what time is the narrator awakened on the night he sees Holly for the first time?
(a) A quarter to four.
(b) Just before one.
(c) Long past twelve.
(d) Roughly two am.

3. What is Holly wearing when the narrator first sees her?
(a) A black dress, black sandals and a pearl choker.
(b) A red shift dress with emerald pumps and a black scarf.
(c) A silver gown with matching droplet earrings.
(d) A lavender cashmere sweater set and black capri pants.

4. What causes the narrator to write about Holly Golightly?
(a) A conversation with Joe Bell about her.
(b) The narrator reads about her in the paper.
(c) The narrator has a dream about her.
(d) The narrator bumps into her on the street.

5. What apartment number does Holly live at?
(a) Apartment 2.
(b) Apartment 7.
(c) Apartment 4.
(d) Apartment 1.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much change did this man give to Holly for the powder-room?

2. How long has the narrator been living at the brownstone before he notices Holly's calling card?

3. What is Mr. Yunioshi's profession?

4. Where has Mr. Yunioshi been for the last two years?

5. How old is Joe Bell?

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