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Travel Log

Doc Golightly makes the trip from Texas to New York to visit Holly. Write a travel log from Doc's perspective, chronicling his trip to the big apple.


Show a segment of the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" starring Audrey Hepburn during the class. Have students compare and contrast the movie to the novella.


Have students create a collage of images that are geared towards the novella. Some examples of images might be: a cat, over-sized glasses, a black dress, jewelry, statue of liberty, etc.


Show students a segment of the movie "Capote". Have students write a report on the segment.

Time Line

Create a time line mapping out important events in the story. Illustrate (with a photo, clipping, drawing, etc.) each point you add to the time line.

Advice Column

Have students create a "Dear Abby" type of letter in Holly's or the narrator's...

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