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Pages 1-11

• The narrator recollects his old apartment in New York.

• He receives a phone call from old friend, Joe Bell.

• Joe shows the narrator pictures of a wood carving that looks remarkably like Holly Golightly.

• Joe tells the narrator a story that Mr. Yunioshi told him about a woman who stayed with the wood carver in Africa.

• Joe suspects that the woman was Holly, but the narrator is not so sure.

• Joe admits that he loves Holly, but in a platonic way.

Pages 11-14

• The narrator notices a strange calling card at the mailbox that reads "Holiday Golightly, Traveling".

• The narrator is awoken by Mr. Yunioshi and Holly having a disagreement.

• The narrator discovers that Holly has lost her key, a regular occurrence.

• The narrator describes Holly as self-amused and chic, and he believes her to be between sixteen and thirty years old.

• The narrator notices a...

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