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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What subject does Sara fail in both night school and college?
(a) Geometry.
(b) Algebra.
(c) Statistics.
(d) Calculus.

2. Why does Shenah not approve of Sara living on her own and taking night classes?
(a) She thinks Reb would not approve.
(b) She thinks it will turn Sara into an old maid.
(c) She thinks it is too expensive.
(d) She thinks Sara is not smart enough.

3. Why is Bessie unhappy in her marriage?
(a) Because her husband is lazy and never works.
(b) Because her husband and stepchildren do not appreciate her.
(c) Because her husband is too loving and clingy.
(d) Because her husband is too rich and likes to show off.

4. Who does Sara find sick and dying when she visits them after graduating from college?
(a) Mashah.
(b) Shenah.
(c) Bessie.
(d) Reb.

5. How many points is the physical education class at Sara's college worth?
(a) Five points.
(b) Two points.
(c) Four points.
(d) Six points.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sara feel after her first night out with Max Goldstein?

2. At what time does Sara insist on going home on the first night out with Max Goldstein?

3. Who sends Sara a note a few months after Reb's marriage?

4. What is the name of Sara's college geometry teacher?

5. What is the name of the story Sara reads to Max Goldstein?

Short Essay Questions

1. What items does Shenah bring Sara when she vists her at her apartment in Chapter 11?

2. How did Max Goldstein come into the business of running a department store?

3. Why does Mrs. Feinstein contact Sara at work and ask her to stop by her and Reb's place?

4. What does Sara refuse to do at her mother's funeral and why?

5. Why does Sara refuse Max Goldstein despite having feelings for him?

6. What does Max Goldstein look like?

7. Why does Sara see her graduation day from college as being bittersweet?

8. Describe Sara's trip to the department store on Fifth Avenue.

9. How is Sara treated differently than the man behind her when she is getting beef stew at the cafeteria?

10. What does the letter from Fania to Sara say in Chapter 14?

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