Bread Givers Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is Mother fretting over money at the beginning of the story?

Mother is fretting over money because she needs to pay the rent. Her daughters have been unable to find work and the family is very poor. Father spends his days praying instead of working.

2. Why does Sara insist that she wants to work?

Sara wants to earn money for the family. Despite her young age, she understands the strains of having no money. Peddling wares on the street is what she wants to do.

3. Why do men follow Mashah around with "melting looks?"

Men watch Mashah because she is very attractive. Despite being poor, she always makes herself look prim and proper. She wears the same clothes as her sisters but they somehow look different on her.

4. Why does Father say that the prayers of his daughters go unheard by God?

Father says that God does not hear his daughter's prayers because God does not listen to women. God only listens to men. The only reason women get to go to heaven is because they are servants of holy men.

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