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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters XVI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many herring does Sara sell the first time she goes out peddling?
(a) Fifty.
(b) One hundred.
(c) Seventy.
(d) Twenty five.

2. Why does Sara want to run away from home?
(a) Because she wants to be a circus performer.
(b) Because she can not stand her father's preaching and her parents' bickering.
(c) Because she has a secret boyfriend.
(d) Because she is spoiled and rude to her parents.

3. How does the principal treat Sara after she destroys gym equipment during class?
(a) He treats her with understanding and kindness.
(b) He treats her rudely and dismissively.
(c) He treats her with the utmost respect.
(d) He treats her as if she does not exist.

4. What is the name of Sara's college geometry teacher?
(a) Smith.
(b) Johnson.
(c) Jenkins.
(d) Quinn.

5. What food item does Sara get angry over when the man behind her is given a bigger portion for the same money?
(a) Beef stew.
(b) Roast beef.
(c) Roast lamb.
(d) Chowder.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gives Sara money as she leaves home to go off on her own?

2. Who disapproves most of Sara getting an education?

3. How much money does Reb spend on the business he buys?

4. Sara is afraid of becoming what?

5. How much money does Sara's boss take out of her pay when she makes a mistake?

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