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Family Portrait

Draw a family picture of Sara, Shenah, Reb, Mashah, Fania, and Bessie as you imagine them in the story.

A Flowered Hat

Using colored paper, glue, and scissors craft a hat in the likeness of the one Mashah wears.

Court Case

Re-enact the court case between Reb and the collector lady. Make sure to have assigned prosecutor and defense lawyers.

A Song for a Beauty

Write a song that Jacob might have written and performed for Mashah. Create a performance of the song for the class.

Love Poems

Write three love poems in the style of Morris Lipkin's writing. Break into small groups and share your work.

Match maker ad

Imagine yourself in Reb's shoes. Write your own ad for a match-making service.

The Ghetto News

Create your own version of the Ghetto News. Write five short news stories and using paper, clue and other materials...

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