Bread Givers Character Descriptions

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Sara Smolinsky

This character is ten years old when the story begins.

Reb Smolinsky

This character is a religious fanatic.

Shenah Smolinsky

This character loves their daughters and helps them in whatever way they can.

Bessie Smolinsky

This character is the eldest sibling in the family.

Mashah Smolinsky

This character likes to buy fashion accessories.

Fania Smolinsky

This character marries someone who likes to gamble.

Berel Bernstein

This character has the occupation of a cutter.

Morris Lipkin

This character likes to write poetry.

Jacob Novak

This character is a pianist.

Moe Mirsky

This character claims to be a diamond dealer.

Abe Schmukler

This character is a gambler.


This character is a fish-peddler.


This character has very poor living conditions at their home.

Max Goldstein

This character is very wealthy and well dressed.

Hugo Seelig

This character has the occupation of school principal.

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