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Chapters I and II

• Sara is ten years old.

• Sara has three older sisters: Bessie, Mashah, and Fania.

• Mashah spends money on frivolous items she does not need.

• Mother criticizes Sara for wasting the potato peels.
• Shenah convinces Reb to move his books so they can rent out his room.

• The collector lady appears to collect the rent from the family. Reb slaps her.

• Sara gets herring from Muhmenkeh to sell for a profit.

• Citizens in the neighborhood collect enough money to hire a lawyer for Reb.
• Reb's case is dismissed in court.

• Three men take up space in the house as boarders.

• Shenah recalls how she met and married Reb.

Chapters III and IV

• Shenah worries that she may never find a husband for Bessie.

• Bessie brings home new items to brighten up the house.

• Bessie tries to fit into Mashah's dress and rips it.

• Berel Bernstein...

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