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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Eiplogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many northern female chimps are pregnant when the new dominant female chimp steps in?
(a) All, but her.
(b) Almost all of them.
(c) All of them.
(d) Only one.

2. Why does Hope return home to her parents' house?
(a) She needs a place to live.
(b) For a party.
(c) Clovis kicked her out.
(d) To help her mother move.

3. After the killing of Mr. Jeb, who is the remaining baby chimp of the southern group?
(a) Muffin.
(b) Bingo.
(c) Rita-Lu.
(d) Lester.

4. Who gets credited for John's work while he recuperates?
(a) John himself.
(b) Someone else.
(c) Hope.
(d) His lover's husband.

5. Who gets taken hostage at a blockade?
(a) Vail and Hope.
(b) Clovis and Mallabar.
(c) Roberta and Rita.
(d) Roberta and Mallabar.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hope working on while her husband conducts his research?

2. What is Hope's last name?

3. Who has come to town to retrieve Hope and return to Grosso Arvore after her kidnapping?

4. Which territory of chimps is Hope assigned to study?

5. How many times had Usman previously experienced the same issue presumed as the cause of his death?

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