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Grosso Arvore

This place is an African compound, a wildlife preserve and national park where chimpanzee studies were 25 years before.

East Knap

This place is the estate outside of London at which the main character works to chronicle plant life.

Danube River

This landmark separates the northern and southern groups of chimps.

Airport Hotel

This place is home to the main character's lover.

Northern Territory

This place is an area in which a group of chimpanzees lives.

Southern Territory

This is an area in which a group of smaller and female dominated chimps lives.


This refers to a statement so simple that it need not be proved.

MIG-15 Fagot

This is a type of plane flown by mercenary pilots under the use of the Congolese federal government.


This small revolutionary group is one of four forces involved in the civil war in the Congo.

Brazzaville Beach

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