Brazzaville Beach Character Descriptions

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Hope Clearwater

This character observes and reports chimpanzee behavior that disturbs the research leader.

John Clearwater

This character is a brilliant mathematician.

Eugene Mallabar

This character leads chimpanzee research and has written several books about chimpanzees.

Ian Vail

This character acts like a coward and gets kidnapped by a revolutionary group.

Usman Shoukry

This character is an Egyptian mercenary pilot for the Congolese federal government.

Dr. Almicar

This UNAMO leader coached a group of young guerrilla soldiers in the game of volleyball.


This character is the laboratory specialist at Grosso Arvore.

Ginga Mallabar

This character fires one of the researchers and threatens a lawsuit over the research notes.


This native African from a nearby village is an assistant observer who gets fired at the same time as the researcher.

Roberta Vail

This character works as the editor on the latest chimp book.


This character trains...

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