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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did John do to Pope when he found Pope stretched out on the bed beside his mother?
(a) Killed him
(b) Stabbed him in the shoulder
(c) Shot him in the shoulder
(d) Stabbed him in the stomach

2. What are the Suggestions from the State?
(a) The class onsciousness
(b) The caste system
(c) The suggestions whispered under every pillow
(d) The greatest moralizing and socializing force

3. Who fathered John?
(a) Director
(b) Bernard
(c) Benito
(d) Helmholtz

4. What does the Controller say that 'Our Ford' called himself whenever he was speaking of psychology?
(a) Our Father
(b) Our Psychologist
(c) Our Ford
(d) Our Freud

5. Which of the following is the lowest caste of embryos?
(a) Betas
(b) Deltas
(c) Epsilons
(d) Gammas

Short Answer Questions

1. The process of an egg's normal growth is checked with X-rays, cold, and alcohol it is called?

2. What does the quiet voices under every pillow encourage the children in the Elementary Class Consciousness exhort the children to be happy with?

3. What does Linda tell John the difference is between mescal and soma?

4. Which of the following is the result of the second lever thrown as the infants touch the materials put out by the nurses?

5. What indicates the change of shifts?

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