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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About which president is McCullough writing a biography at this time?
(a) Abraham Lincoln
(b) John Adams
(c) Harry S. Truman
(d) Thomas Jefferson

2. Why is Miriam's wealthy Uncle Walter almost always in debt?
(a) He can't stop buying houses
(b) He is building a world-class butterfly collection
(c) He is an unparalleled philanthropist
(d) He gives away yachts to friends

3. What is mined in the state in the answer to #122?
(a) Gold
(b) Uranium
(c) Diamonds
(d) Coal

4. What shape is the Octagon House?
(a) Rectangular
(b) Octagonal
(c) Hexagonal
(d) Square

5. Miriam Rothschild is known for being a _____________.
(a) professor
(b) comic
(c) singer
(d) naturalist

6. Miriam's father and uncle are both gifted amateur __________________.
(a) singers
(b) golfers
(c) tennis players
(d) entomologists

7. From which university does Miriam hold an honorary degree?
(a) Harvard
(b) Princeton
(c) Oxford
(d) Duke

8. What is the timeframe for the subject?
(a) Mid-1940s
(b) Mid-1820s
(c) Mid-1920s
(d) Mid-1960s

9. What is the profession of the answer to #126?
(a) Attorney
(b) Banker
(c) Physician
(d) Minister

10. According to McCullough, who is the last U.S. president to have a sense of history?
(a) William J. Clinton
(b) Harry S. Truman
(c) Franklin D. Roosevelt
(d) John F. Kennedy

11. What is Conrad Richter's relationship to David McCullough?
(a) Golf partner
(b) Editor
(c) Friend
(d) Brother-in-law

12. Vocabulary and _________________ are particularly important to Richter's writing.
(a) irony
(b) phraseology
(c) humor
(d) verb tense

13. Who is George Lane?
(a) Miriam's husband
(b) Miriam's favorite professor
(c) Miriam's brother-in-law
(d) Miriam's accountant

14. Where does Richter do most of his writing?
(a) The seashore
(b) The barn
(c) The dining room table
(d) The library

15. Why does Charles Lindbergh's popularity plummet by 1940?
(a) He visits Germany and receives a Nazi medal
(b) He cheats on his taxes
(c) He is behind his baby's disappearance
(d) He divorces his wife

Short Answer Questions

1. In addition to aviation, at what other skill do the aviators excel?

2. "Cross the Blue Mountain" is a remembrance of whom?

3. For what book is Antoine de Saint-Exupery most famous?

4. What are "Grim's Garden Spots?"

5. What does McCullough consider enough reason for living in Washington, D.C.?

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