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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first essay is entitled "Journey to the top of the __________."
(a) Mountain
(b) Class
(c) World
(d) Heap

2. Who is Eva Caten?
(a) Remington's wife
(b) Remington's favorite portrait subject
(c) Remington's first art teacher
(d) Remington's sister

3. To which Ohio city does Harriet's family move?
(a) Columbus
(b) Cincinnati
(c) Portsmouth
(d) Dayton

4. Most of the railroad lies in what type of terrain?
(a) Desert
(b) Forests
(c) Rainforest
(d) Mountains

5. Who is Valentine's neighbor who works for the Whitney Museum of Modern Art?
(a) Michael Hupert
(b) David Copperfield
(c) David Hupert
(d) David McCullough

6. Who is Elizabeth Cabot Cary?
(a) Agassiz' prize student
(b) Agassiz' wife
(c) Agassiz' secretary
(d) Agassiz' sister

7. When was the first stake for the railroad driven?
(a) March 1850
(b) May 1850
(c) April 1855
(d) May 1860

8. What does Harriet's husband insist about her?
(a) She is a literary woman
(b) She is a terrible cook
(c) She can't keep plants alive
(d) She is a wonderful mother

9. What is the name of Roosevelt's ranch near Medora?
(a) Little Big Ranch
(b) Western White House
(c) Roosevelt Ranch
(d) Elkhorn Ranch

10. Where does Agassiz take a summer expedition in 1848?
(a) Vesuvius
(b) Mt. St. Helens
(c) Lake Superior
(d) The amazon

11. The town of ________________ ought to be as celebrated as Dodge City or Tombstone.
(a) Malvern
(b) Medora
(c) Midori
(d) Mentor

12. What is the name of Humboldt's book that inspired Charles Darwin and others?
(a) Personal Narrative
(b) Jungle Stories
(c) My Life with Plants
(d) Hot, Humid Horticulture

13. Who is the president of the project who dies of malaria on the job?
(a) William Henry Aspinwald
(b) Henry Chauncey
(c) Frederic Remington
(d) John Lloyd Stephens

14. What makes it hard to retain workers for the railroad?
(a) Treacherous terrain
(b) The heat
(c) Low pay
(d) The Gold Rush

15. Who does Mores crusade against when he returns to France?
(a) Italians
(b) Jews
(c) Muslims
(d) Catholics

Short Answer Questions

1. When does a show exhibiting the documents open in New York?

2. What does Stowe do after her friend, Eliza Stowe, dies?

3. What subject had been an unpleasant one to Harriet since her childhood?

4. Who is Aime Bonpland?

5. What act guarantees exclusive U.S. rights to build the railroad?

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