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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. People find Remington to be full of high spirits and _________________.
(a) cruelty
(b) charity
(c) tall tales
(d) intelligence

2. What is a major impediment to construction of the railroad?
(a) The climate
(b) The terrain
(c) The financing
(d) The natives

3. Which U.S. president did Humboldt visit in 1804?
(a) Thomas Jefferson
(b) James Madison
(c) Abraham Lincoln
(d) John Quincy Adams

4. Of what does John Roebling die?
(a) Tetanus
(b) Old age
(c) Heart disease
(d) Cancer

5. What does Remington come to dislike about the West?
(a) Civilization
(b) No culture
(c) The Gold Rush
(d) Indian reservations

6. When was the first stake for the railroad driven?
(a) April 1855
(b) May 1850
(c) March 1850
(d) May 1860

7. What life does Harriet come to like?
(a) Education
(b) Domestic life
(c) The lecture circuit
(d) Religious life

8. Where does Agassiz take a summer expedition in 1848?
(a) Vesuvius
(b) Lake Superior
(c) Mt. St. Helens
(d) The amazon

9. Who does Harriet consider guilty of slavery?
(a) Thomas Jefferson
(b) All white Americans
(c) Southern cotton merchants
(d) George Washington

10. In what countries do Humboldt and Bonpland spend two years?
(a) Thailand, China, India
(b) Ireland, Scotland and Wales
(c) Columbia, Ecuador and Peru
(d) Italy, Germany and France

11. Why does Roosevelt suffer bouts of depression?
(a) He is not nominated for President
(b) It is an inherited condition
(c) His wife and mother die on the same day
(d) He loses his bid for Congress

12. Humboldt is one of the earliest _________________.
(a) astronomers
(b) mathemeticians
(c) astrologers
(d) ecologists

13. Who is Louis Agassiz?
(a) Jefferson's secretary
(b) President of France
(c) Humboldt's protege
(d) Tennis player

(a) Inaccurate
(b) Overrated
(c) Brilliant
(d) Atheism

15. When is the bridge officially opened?
(a) May 24, 1865
(b) March 24, 1883
(c) May 24, 1893
(d) May 24, 1883

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Harriet's famous book prompt?

2. What is showing signs of wear on the bridge?

3. How is the answer to #77 paralyzed?

4. Why does Agassiz first come to the United States?

5. Where was the first stake for the railroad driven?

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