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David McCullough
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Medora, ND

The Dakota Bad Lands town founded by the Marquis de Mores as a means of bypassing the Chicago stockyards in processing beef for the eastern markets.

Panama Railroad

This is a rail line laid in 1850-55 across the Isthmus of Panama through 47.5 miles of dense jungle, swamplands, and steep mountains, to link Colun and Panama City.

Brooklyn Bridge

This iconic structure is a great feat of human intellect in terms of engineering and aesthetics, but it is also holds the stories of the many men and one woman who create it.


This innovation, in its infant stages from the mid-1920s through 1937, produces a cadre of intense professionals, serious about the craft of flying and their role in preserving a history they know will not long endure.

Strip Mining

This practice comes to eastern Kentucky in the late 1950s, and today bulldozers, scoops, diesel shovels...

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