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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Emory make Alan uncomfortable?
(a) He is too effeminate.
(b) He smokes like a chimney.
(c) He is drunk.
(d) He uses foul language.

2. Who does Donald say is responsible for his dysfunctional behavior issues?
(a) Himself.
(b) His priest.
(c) His parents.
(d) His grade school teachers.

3. What does Alan refuse to divulge to Michael?
(a) His reason for coming over tonight.
(b) His financial crisis.
(c) His recent medical diagnosis.
(d) His homosexuality.

4. What shocks Alan when he arrives?
(a) The sight of Donald sitting on Michael's lap.
(b) The sight of the men intertwined in a kick routine.
(c) The sight of the men doing cocaine.
(d) The sight of two of the men kissing.

5. Who does Alan think is the birthday boy?
(a) Donald.
(b) Hank.
(c) Cowboy.
(d) Emory.

Short Answer Questions

1. Cowboy's early arrival kills the ______________________.

2. What excuse does Cowboy give for wanting to leave early?

3. In what city does story take place?

4. Which of the following do the men not do while waiting for more guests to arrive?

5. Who is the next man to arrive at the party?

Short Essay Questions

1. What interrupts the conversation between Michael and Donald?

2. Who is the first man in the group to play Affairs of the Heart and what is the outcome?

3. Why does Michael say that Alan stayed all night at the party?

4. What seems to brighten Donald's glum mood?

5. What do the men do after dinner and birthday cake?

6. Explain how Michael continues to taunt Alan after the game breaks up.

7. What is at the core of Michael's passive-aggressive behavior during Act 2?

8. Who is the story of THE BOYS IN THE BAND about?

9. What is the game the men decide to play and what are the rules?

10. Which gift seems to have the most significance for Harold?

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