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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who enters the room after the lights dim?
(a) Alan.
(b) Larry.
(c) Cowboy.
(d) Emory.

2. Why does Hank call the second number in Michael's apartment?
(a) Because he can't remember Larry's work number.
(b) Because Larry's cell phone is dead.
(c) Because he wants the affair to be public.
(d) So Larry can answer and hear Hank's declaration of love.

3. Which of the following does Alan not do when Michael taunts him to call Justin?
(a) Runs out of the apartment.
(b) Dials the phone.
(c) Begs for forgiveness.
(d) Declares his love.

4. What is the tone of conversation at dinner?
(a) Insulting.
(b) Sullen.
(c) Festive.
(d) Strained.

5. Harold says Michael is trapped in the body and ____________ of someone he doesn't want to be.
(a) Psyche.
(b) Mind.
(c) Spirit.
(d) Soul.

6. Who decides to analyze Michael after Michael has taunted Alan?
(a) Harold.
(b) Emory.
(c) Cowboy.
(d) Dane.

7. What does Michael suggest the men do when the dancing is halted?
(a) Go out for cocktails.
(b) Play games.
(c) Watch TV.
(d) Go to the movies.

8. What is the objective of Affairs of the Heart?
(a) Call the one person you have always loved.
(b) Call your mother.
(c) Call the person who has hurt you the most.
(d) Call a person to forgive them for something.

9. What does Alan do after the fight is over?
(a) Cries.
(b) Rushes out of the room.
(c) Calls the police.
(d) Leaves the apartment.

10. What does Michael insist that Alan do?
(a) Take out the garbage.
(b) Sing to Harold.
(c) Face the truth about his sexuality.
(d) Pay for dinner.

11. What is Harold doing as Act 2 begins?
(a) Pouting.
(b) Laughing.
(c) Eating.
(d) Crying.

12. What issues does Harold have?
(a) Financial.
(b) Egotism.
(c) Self esteem.
(d) Jealousy.

13. What does Michael tell Donald to do before he leaves?
(a) Set the alarm.
(b) Turn off the lights.
(c) Check the stove.
(d) Take out the trash.

14. What does Donald offer to Michael?
(a) Cigarette.
(b) Cocaine.
(c) Wine.
(d) Valium.

15. What do the guests do while dinner is prepared?
(a) Mingle.
(b) Watch TV.
(c) Read magazines.
(d) Sleep.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not a cause of Harold's low self esteem?

2. Where is Harold encouraged to sit after dinner?

3. What gift has the most significance for Harold?

4. Who does Bernard reach when calling the Dahlbeck residence?

5. What is Alan's wife's name?

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