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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gift has the most significance for Harold?
(a) A photo in a silver frame.
(b) A book.
(c) A humidor.
(d) A watch.

2. Who does Hank phone in the game?
(a) Larry's work number.
(b) Larry's cell phone.
(c) The answering service he and Larry share.
(d) Larry's home number.

3. Which of the following does Alan not do when Michael taunts him to call Justin?
(a) Dials the phone.
(b) Declares his love.
(c) Runs out of the apartment.
(d) Begs for forgiveness.

4. What does Michael suggest the men do when the dancing is halted?
(a) Go to the movies.
(b) Go out for cocktails.
(c) Play games.
(d) Watch TV.

5. Who decides to analyze Michael after Michael has taunted Alan?
(a) Emory.
(b) Harold.
(c) Cowboy.
(d) Dane.

6. Who is still depressed about the Affairs of the Heart game?
(a) Alan.
(b) Donald.
(c) Michael.
(d) Bernard.

7. Harold says that Michael lives on credit and _____________.
(a) Charm.
(b) Cunning.
(c) Luck.
(d) Good looks.

8. Why does Delbert hang up on Emory?
(a) He is repulsed by Emory.
(b) He thinks it is a wrong number.
(c) He does not have time to talk.
(d) He does not remember Emory.

9. What is Delbert Botts' profession?
(a) Lawyer.
(b) Dentist.
(c) Accountant.
(d) Physician.

10. What does Harold do after dinner?
(a) Has a brandy.
(b) Smokes a cigar.
(c) Goes for a walk.
(d) Opens his gifts.

11. Why has Harold saved barbiturates?
(a) To sleep better.
(b) To get a buzz.
(c) To kill himself.
(d) To give to a friend.

12. Who does Bernard phone?
(a) Peter Danson.
(b) Peter Dahlinghouse.
(c) Peter Dawson.
(d) Peter Dahlbeck.

13. Why does Michael say that Alan stayed at the party all evening?
(a) Alan's car broke down.
(b) Alan was staying in town tonight anyway.
(c) Alan always loves a good party.
(d) Alan needed somebody to confront him.

14. Who leaves the party with Emory?
(a) Bernard.
(b) Hank.
(c) Dane.
(d) Larry.

15. Alan claims that he is __________.
(a) Afraid.
(b) Sick.
(c) Crazy.
(d) Apologetic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Michael's attitude about Alan at the end of the evening?

2. Donald thinks that Michael's ______________ is better than it used to be.

3. What does Michael tell the group about Harold?

4. What does Alan do after the fight is over?

5. What is Cowboy carrying when he comes into the room?

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