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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What item is necessary to play Affairs of the Heart?
(a) A phone.
(b) A pen.
(c) A computer.
(d) A telescope.

2. What topic do the men discuss related to school roommates?
(a) Getting drunk.
(b) Coming out experiences.
(c) Pulling all nighters.
(d) Smoking joints.

3. What does Michael insist that Alan do?
(a) Sing to Harold.
(b) Pay for dinner.
(c) Face the truth about his sexuality.
(d) Take out the garbage.

4. Harold says that his obsessions are _________________.
(a) Devastating.
(b) Kinky.
(c) Common.
(d) Paid in full.

5. Michael says that Alan has had an intimate relationship with ________________.
(a) His business partner.
(b) His neighbor.
(c) His son's coach.
(d) Another college roommate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Michael dares Alan to call whom?

2. Who decides to analyze Michael after Michael has taunted Alan?

3. How does Bernard feel after making the phone call?q

4. Who does Cowboy kiss at the door?

5. What is the tone of conversation at dinner?

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