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Short Answer Questions

1. In order to prevent the chick from the theater from escaping, what does Vic do?

2. What injection made Blood have special abilities?

3. Where do Vic and Blood hide out after the fight with the Roverpak?

4. What is one thing that seems odd about Blood's behavior in chapter four?

5. Before Vic is able to molest the "chick", what happens?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why would Quilla June be surprised to learn that Vic and Blood can communicate?

2. Why does Vic slap Quilla June after the battle to stop her from crying?

3. Why does Vic assume that "servicing" women in the the underground city will be a personal process?

4. When the city explains why they want Vic, why do you suppose he laughs?

5. What does Quilla June use to put Vic off guard?

6. Why is the boiler room a safe place to hide during the fire?

7. Is Quilla June expecting Vic to follow her after she knocks him out?

8. Why does Vic follow the "chick" out of the theater?

9. The titles of movies playing in the theater are either full of violence or sex. Why is this?

10. What characteristic of the city is the hardest for Vic to deal with?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Topeka is an isolated community from the rest of the modern world. Explain how they have kept this isolation and what have they done with it. Discuss if there is much of a future for Topeka. Use examples to show why or why not.

Essay Topic 2

Blood seems to come to the rescue of Vic many times. Explain how Vic's life would be different if he didn't have Blood to help him. Use at least three examples from the book of how Blood has helped Vic and explain why these are important.

Essay Topic 3

If you could be any character in this book, which character would you be? How would you have acted similarly to the book character and what would you have done differently? Why?

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