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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are there no other girls in the theater?
(a) Girls are not allowed in the theater.
(b) There are very few girls on the surface.
(c) The boys killed them all.
(d) The movie is too violent for girls.

2. What does Blood think they should have done with Quilla June?
(a) Left her for the Roverpaks to rape.
(b) Abandoned her and searched for food.
(c) Raped her and killed her.
(d) Killed her for food.

3. What does Quilla June do when the Roverpak comes?
(a) Shoots a Rover.
(b) Makes peace with the pak.
(c) Helps Blood hide.
(d) Runs away.

4. Where do Blood and Vic catch the "chick"?
(a) In an old food storage warehouse.
(b) On open ground about 2 miles away.
(c) In the dropshaft to the downunder city.
(d) Outside the theater.

5. What describes the world that Vic and Blood live in?
(a) A perfect utopia.
(b) Full of violence and danger.
(c) Very comfortable and safe.
(d) Very much like our world today.

6. What is the best description of Vic's character?
(a) Violent and wild.
(b) Intelligent and passive.
(c) Very moral and ethical.
(d) Old and tired.

7. What would make the Roverpak happy?
(a) If they could just have Blood.
(b) If they could just have the girl.
(c) If all of Vic's party where dead but the girl.
(d) If they could just make peace with Vic and Blood.

8. In chapter five, what big thing does Blood remind Vic he did for him?
(a) Saved him from a nuclear blast.
(b) Saved him from the fungus green stone pit burner.
(c) Taught him to find food.
(d) Saved him from the dark queen witch.

9. Where does Blood hide before the Roverpak comes?
(a) In the shadows by a door.
(b) With Quilla June.
(c) Under a wrestling mat.
(d) With Vic.

10. What is Topeka?
(a) A "downunder" city.
(b) Vic's home.
(c) A large city where they show good movies.
(d) A powerful city state.

11. What does Vic and Blood's world seem like?
(a) Much similar to our own.
(b) Very organized.
(c) Very violent.
(d) Full of many technological marvels.

12. Why do none of the other movie viewers find the girl?
(a) They are not looking for girls.
(b) They leave the theater before she does.
(c) They are not interested in sex.
(d) They see her but are not interested.

13. In the first chapter, what does Blood's first meal consist of?
(a) A severed human head.
(b) A mutated water rat and a poodle.
(c) Radioactive canned meat.
(d) A dead rabbit and some worms.

14. One gets the feeling that relationships in Vic's world are what?
(a) Very loving.
(b) Long lasting.
(c) Very romantic.
(d) Not very common.

15. Which character acts the most intelligently in chapter four?
(a) Quilla.
(b) Lew.
(c) Vic.
(d) Blood.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the "chick's" name?

2. What is one thing that is not explained in chapter three?

3. In chapter five, the state of Texas is?

4. Why is there a shortage of females in the upper world?

5. What seems strange to us about the world that Vic lives in?

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