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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter three, what is one important thing that Vic does not think about?
(a) Sex.
(b) Why this girl is here changing.
(c) Why Blood wants to help him.
(d) Catching this girl.

2. How old is Vic?
(a) Ten-years-old.
(b) About twenty-three.
(c) He is a teenager.
(d) He is thirty-five.

3. Blood descended from two special dog ancestors. What were his ancestor's names?
(a) Ginger and Ahbnu.
(b) Andrew and Samantha.
(c) Trigger and Neanni.
(d) Sam and Vickie.

4. After Vic gets Quilla June out of her hiding place, what does he do?
(a) Screams at her to run.
(b) Shoots her.
(c) Slaps her to stop her from crying.
(d) Lets her go.

5. In chapter five, the state of Texas is?
(a) A place that has survived a nuclear attack.
(b) A "downunder" city.
(c) Not mentioned.
(d) A large city-state.

6. When Vic goes into the theater he checks his .45 and his .22 at the door. What does he keep with him?
(a) Hat.
(b) Rifle.
(c) Knife.
(d) Dog leash.

7. When Vic asks Blood why he doesn't like Quilla June, what does he communicate?
(a) He hates all girls.
(b) He does like how she looks.
(c) That he senses she will cause trouble for him.
(d) He thinks she is too violent.

8. In order to prevent the chick from the theater from escaping, what does Vic do?
(a) Blows up a storage tank.
(b) Moves a truck in front of the door.
(c) Locks the door behind him.
(d) Has Blood guard the exit.

9. What does Quilla June use to control Vic's behavior in chapter five?
(a) Promises of great wealth.
(b) Food.
(c) Sex and love.
(d) Blood's good will towards her.

10. What do Vic and Blood do when the "chick" leaves the theater?
(a) Catch her right away.
(b) Lose her.
(c) Call out to her.
(d) Shoot at her.

11. How do Vic and Blood escape the Roverpak in chapter five?
(a) They run out a back door.
(b) They make peace with the Roverpak.
(c) They pretend they have been shot.
(d) They set fire to the building.

12. What is Vic's primary concern in chapter three?
(a) Helping Blood find food.
(b) Having sex with the girl.
(c) Finding out the girl's name.
(d) Finding out where the girl is from.

13. What gives Blood his special abilities?
(a) His ancestry.
(b) A special pill he must take.
(c) Vic.
(d) Magic.

14. What makes Blood a special dog?
(a) He is telepathic.
(b) He is a screamer.
(c) He can fire a gun.
(d) He can talk.

15. What is the best solution to Vic's problems with the Roverpak?
(a) Give them the girl.
(b) Make peace with the Pak.
(c) Wait for the police to show up.
(d) Escape if they can.

Short Answer Questions

1. What news does Blood not want to hear from Vic?

2. Where do Vic and Blood catch up to the "chick" from the theater?

3. When does the story of A Boy and His Dog take place?

4. According to the story, how are most babies born in the upper world?

5. What is the "chick" surprised to find out about Vic and Blood?

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