A Boy and His Dog Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Blood call Vic "Albert"?

Blood and Vic have a very close relationship. They tease each other throughout the story. When Blood calls Vic "Albert" it makes him upset, so this is Blood's way of teasing him.

2. How does Blood find women and how many women does he find in his first trance state?

Blood is telepathic. He helps Vic find women by going into a trance state. During his first trance he can find no women nearby.

3. Why must Vic check his guns at the door to the theater?

Even in this wild world some kind of order is required. Vic, and other customers check their guns at the door to the theater so that the theater will be a peaceful place. Vic does keep his knife and spike, so it may not be too peaceful.

4. Why do no other dogs in the theater sense the "chick"?

It seems that in order to sense a woman the telepathic dogs must go into a trance state. So maybe other dogs don't sense the chick because they are not looking. Blood senses the chick because he is looking.

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