Daily Lessons for Teaching A Boy and His Dog

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Objective: Chapter 1 Vic and his dog Blood seem to get along well, but they tease each other. This lesson examines why they seem to feel teasing is an important part of their relationship.

1) In class Discussion -
Why might teasing be an important part of Vic and Blood's relationship? What is the significance of Blood calling Vic "Albert"? Why does Vic react the way he does to the name? Where do you think this name came from? Why is it significant?

2) Individual short answer -
Do you think Blood and Vic could get along as well as they do without teasing each other?Why do you think they tease each other?Does the teasing make their relationship better or worse?

3) Generate questions (Individually) -
Have students generate several questions that they would ask Vic and Blood about why they tease each other and what they feel about...

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