A Boy and His Dog Fun Activities

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Storyboard construction

Have students construct a simple storyboard for one major event in the book.


Have students use cutouts from magazines to create a collage depicting what they think the downunder cities are like.


Have students create a poem about a boy's love for his dog.


Have students create a song about Roverpaks.

News Report

Have students create a fast breaking news report about some major event from the book.

Police report

There are no police in Vic's world but if there were, have students create a short police report about a fictional event that happened in the Metropole theater.


Have students create a short rap song about the downunder city of Topeka.

Draw picture

Have students draw a picture of Blood and Vic.

Indentify dangers

Have students create a list of the things in the book that are dangerous and how you avoid...

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