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Kappa Senoh
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Toshiko approve of Donchan and H's friendship?

2. What kind of god is Susanowo?

3. Why is Morio's apprentice, Shige, crying when H returns home from school one day?

4. What does Toshiko do for the stranded bus passengers during the flood?

5. What is the main focus of Tojo's tract?

Short Essay Questions

1. Does H care about school?

2. Morio spends many days repairing his sewing machine, even though it seems like a lost cause by others. What does this say about Morio's character?

3. In what ways does H's bed wetting embarrass him?

4. Why do Toshiko and H hide some things under the floor of their house?

5. Is Instructor Tamori a popular teacher at H's school?

6. What acts of kindness does H experience at the school?

7. What does H trying a cigarette for the first time symbolize?

8. Why does H doubt that the emperor is a god?

9. Why do the sea and sky make H feel relaxed?

10. How does H demonstrate his resourcefulness in Chapter 5?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Argue both sides of the following statement: "During wartime, media censorship is an acceptable measure." Provide examples from the text to support your argument.

Essay Topic 2

The most dire situations can sometimes bring out the best in people. Discuss the theme of compassion as it relates to the story.

Essay Topic 3

Due to the war, H experiences many things that a normal childhood would not have included. This is especially true of his school life. Discuss how H's school life is affected by the war.

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