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Kappa Senoh
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is considered "un-Japanese" at school?
(a) Talking about America or Britain.
(b) Learning about foreign cultures.
(c) Singing German music.
(d) Wearing clothes that is not made out of khaki.

2. What puzzles H about his teacher?
(a) H's teacher gives him good grades no matter what.
(b) H's teacher did not tell his mother about the lie he told.
(c) H's teacher is lazier than his students.
(d) H's teacher never loses his temper.

3. In Chapter 23, What does H do instead of studying?
(a) Read the newspaper.
(b) Spy on the neighbors.
(c) Play outside.
(d) Build model airplanes.

4. Why does H lurk outside the movie theater instead of going inside?
(a) H never has enough money to see a film.
(b) H isn't interested in watching movies.
(c) H doesn't want to run into Girly Boy.
(d) H's mother told him never to go into the theater.

5. What happens on H's eleventh birthday?
(a) Germany attacks Japan.
(b) America attacks Japan.
(c) Germany attacks the Soviet Union.
(d) Japan defeats China.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does H hear the local housewives say about the operators of those boxes?

2. Why does Toshiko think that Shige-san is not qualified for the apprenticeship?

3. Why is H embarrassed in the doctor's waiting room?

4. What rationed item is H annoyed by?

5. What is zosui?

Short Essay Questions

1. What scares H at the campaign speech?

2. What does H trying a cigarette for the first time symbolize?

3. How does Yoshiko show her love for her brother?

4. How does H act selfishly in chapter 36?

5. Why is Yasuo's father not angry when the boys take the boat?

6. What do the soldier's straw sandals lead H to conclude?

7. Why do Mr. Naito and Mr. Matsumoto help H graduate?

8. Morio spends many days repairing his sewing machine, even though it seems like a lost cause by others. What does this say about Morio's character?

9. What is the purpose of the bucket brigades?

10. How does the meaning of the phoenix relate to H?

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