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Kappa Senoh
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What wakes H and his friends up from their slumber?
(a) H's mother.
(b) An angry Instructor Tamori.
(c) A hail storm.
(d) An air raid alert.

2. Who is fond of giving "ear twists" to his students?
(a) Mr. Tamori.
(b) Tan Wantanabe.
(c) Mr. Hisakado.
(d) Mr.Matsumoto.

3. What puzzles H about his teacher?
(a) H's teacher never loses his temper.
(b) H's teacher did not tell his mother about the lie he told.
(c) H's teacher is lazier than his students.
(d) H's teacher gives him good grades no matter what.

4. Why is H ashamed in front of Mitchan?
(a) Mitchan sees H in his childish pajamas.
(b) Mitchan is rude to H.
(c) Yoshiko has told Mitchan that H likes her.
(d) H is convinced that Mitchan has seen his map.

5. What does Toshiko do for the stranded bus passengers during the flood?
(a) Toshiko brings coffee and biscuits to those waiting on the bus.
(b) Toshiko reads the passengers a passage from the bible.
(c) Toshiko offers the female passengers a change of clothing.
(d) Toshiko invites them into her home until a new bus arrives.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are H and Yoshiko going on a train?

2. What happens on H's birthday?

3. According to Toshiko, why will Moiro most likely not receive his call-up papers?

4. What is the rumor going around the school in Chapter 26?

5. According to Morio, who caused the flood?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Noodles?

2. Why is Yasuo's father not angry when the boys take the boat?

3. What do new members of the riding club at Second Middle School have to do that the older members don't? What do the older members get to do that the new members don't?

4. How does H demonstrate his resourcefulness in Chapter 5?

5. Why do the sea and sky make H feel relaxed?

6. In what ways does H's bed wetting embarrass him?

7. What is it about his instructors that disgusts H?

8. Is H's new job in Chapter 50 a good fit for him?

9. How does H act selfishly in chapter 36?

10. Why does the war feel closer to H in Kobe than it does at his grandparents' home?

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