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Kappa Senoh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What shocks H about the artists he meets?
(a) Their appearancs.
(b) The amount of alcohol they drink.
(c) Their political views.
(d) The amount of money they make.

2. Upon H's return to Kobe, what has happened to the Second Middle School?
(a) The school has become a high school.
(b) The school has become a medical center.
(c) The school has become a factory.
(d) The school has burned down.

3. Which character works for the newspaper?
(a) Mr. Tamori.
(b) Mr. Odagiri.
(c) George.
(d) Kaneda.

4. Why is Toshiko distant when H comes to visit in Chapter 48?
(a) Toshiko is embarassed by her behavior.
(b) Toshiko is afraid that H will become violent again.
(c) Toshiko feels H has betrayed her.
(d) Toshiko is still angry with H.

5. To which organization are H and his classmates assigned to work?
(a) The railway company.
(b) The Water Board.
(c) City waste removal.
(d) Toshiba Electrical.

6. Why isn't H allowed into the hospital?
(a) There have been complaints about H.
(b) Patients and black marketeers have been trading goods.
(c) There has been an influenza outbreak.
(d) Visiting hours are over.

7. What does H do with his 10 yen grant?
(a) H buys food for his family.
(b) H sends it to his mother.
(c) H spends it on himself.
(d) H gives it to a sickly classmate.

8. What is worrying H in Chapter 47?
(a) The presence of the occupational forces.
(b) H's own unstable emotions.
(c) The Senoh's financial situation.
(d) The thought that his situation will never improve.

9. Where does H go when he leaves home in Chapter 48?
(a) A deserted classroom.
(b) His uncle Hadano's house.
(c) The shell of a bombed house.
(d) A friend's house.

10. Why does H often get beaten up?
(a) For dressing oddly.
(b) For insulting classmates.
(c) For voicing his opinions.
(d) For causing trouble for others.

11. Where does Sugita want H to meet him in secret?
(a) The school.
(b) By the riverbank.
(c) The movie theatre.
(d) The armory.

12. Why is it suggested that Morio deserves a medal?
(a) He signs up to go to the front.
(b) He captures a runaway American soldier.
(c) He turns a neighbor in to the military police.
(d) He saves two people from a fire.

13. What does H plan to do at the "Hold on Bridge?"
(a) Fish.
(b) Meet George.
(c) Commit suicide.
(d) Watch the sunset.

14. What does H's family win?
(a) An automobile.
(b) An education grant.
(c) A housing lottery.
(d) Food coupons.

15. H, Yokota and George go to the farm to get what?
(a) Carrots.
(b) A wheelbarrow.
(c) A shovel.
(d) Onions.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ishizuka's father give H before they leave?

2. What do H and his friends drop from the roof of the school?

3. What two things does H realize have gone unchanged by the war?

4. In Chapter 37, what makes H furious?

5. Who objects to Toshiko feeding the starving soldier?

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