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Kappa Senoh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is something H has always wanted to try?
(a) Driving.
(b) Drinking alcohol.
(c) Smoking.
(d) Playing a guitar.

2. Who is Koiso?
(a) A doctor.
(b) A political candidate.
(c) An artist.
(d) A wounded soldier.

3. What do the boys intend to do with the rifle club's rifles?
(a) Hide them in the woods.
(b) Break them.
(c) Bury them.
(d) Throw them in the river.

4. What one item do H and Toshiko take with them from their burning home?
(a) H's favorite book.
(b) Toshiko's cook book.
(c) Morio's sewing machine.
(d) Yoshiko's baby quilt.

5. Who helps H graduate?
(a) Mr. Tamori.
(b) Koiso.
(c) Mr. Naito and Mr. Matsumoto.
(d) Mr. Kawano.

6. What declaration is presented to Japan by the Americans?
(a) The Roosevelt Declaration.
(b) The Truman Declaration.
(c) The Versailles Declaration.
(d) The Potsdam Declaration.

7. In Chapter 45, What disgusts H at school?
(a) The disorganized classrooms.
(b) The hypocrisy of his teachers.
(c) The new American textbooks.
(d) The attitudes of his classmates.

8. How does H feel about living at the Church?
(a) H feels at home.
(b) H feels uneasy and uncomfortable.
(c) H feels lucky.
(d) H feels inspired.

9. What is H's first confirmation that the war is over?
(a) Newspapers have begun printing truthful information.
(b) Food is easier to get.
(c) American music is played freely.
(d) Uncle Hadano has taken down his window coverings.

10. What does Sumiyama believe is the profound wish of every Japanese man?
(a) To serve one's family.
(b) To serve one's own ambitions.
(c) To serve one's country.
(d) To serve God.

11. Who objects to Toshiko feeding the starving soldier?
(a) Hadano.
(b) Yoshiko.
(c) Morio.
(d) H.

12. Which character works for the newspaper?
(a) Kaneda.
(b) George.
(c) Mr. Tamori.
(d) Mr. Odagiri.

13. Why should H be patient with the children next door?
(a) Patience is the Christian way.
(b) The children's father died in the war.
(c) The neighbors' apartment is even more crowded than his.
(d) H was young once too.

14. What is dropped over Kobe from B29 planes?
(a) Leaflets announcing the signing of the Potsdam Declaration.
(b) Mustard Gas.
(c) Food parcels.
(d) Anti-American booklets.

15. Why are the clubs being disbanded?
(a) There is no money for club activities.
(b) The Americans have banned all gatherings.
(c) To avoid suspicion of military training.
(d) Students are too busy rebuilding Kobe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does H decide to study?

2. Why does H often get beaten up?

3. How does H learn lettering?

4. After the end of the war, who replaces the military as the figure of authority?

5. What does H plan to do at the "Hold on Bridge?"

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