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Kappa Senoh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character works for the newspaper?
(a) Mr. Odagiri.
(b) George.
(c) Mr. Tamori.
(d) Kaneda.

2. What one item do H and Toshiko take with them from their burning home?
(a) Morio's sewing machine.
(b) H's favorite book.
(c) Yoshiko's baby quilt.
(d) Toshiko's cook book.

3. What two things does H realize have gone unchanged by the war?
(a) The grass and the flowers.
(b) The sun and the moon.
(c) The trees and the sky.
(d) The sea and sky.

4. Why does Morio quit his job at the fire station?
(a) To return to tailoring.
(b) To find a better paying job.
(c) He does not quit, he is fired.
(d) To work at the newspaper.

5. Why doesn't Sugita want the rifles given to the Americans?
(a) Sugita wants to keep them as souvenirs of the war.
(b) The rifles are a symbol of the rifle club.
(c) The Americans will use them against the Japanese.
(d) The rifles are valuable.

6. What transportation do the American troops use?
(a) Tanks.
(b) They are on foot.
(c) Jeeps and covered trucks.
(d) Motorbikes.

7. How does H plan to win the friendship of American troops?
(a) Run errands for them.
(b) Show them around Kobe.
(c) Draw sketches of them for free.
(d) Bring them snacks.

8. Who transforms himself into a nice middle-aged gentleman in a suit?
(a) Uncle Hadano.
(b) Mr. Tamori.
(c) Morio.
(d) The vice-principal.

9. As H and Toshiko flee, where are they heading for?
(a) The church.
(b) The country.
(c) The sea.
(d) The town centre.

10. During the air raid, where does H go to hide from the enemy plane?
(a) Under a metal staircase.
(b) Underneath a streetcar.
(c) Behind a concrete water tank.
(d) Inside an abandoned building.

11. What does Toshiko bring back with her from the country?
(a) Broccoli, milk, and duck.
(b) Yoshiko.
(c) Eggs, chicken, and rice.
(d) Rice, carrots, and beef.

12. Why does H rip down the Japanese Progressive Party poster?
(a) H disagrees with the Japanese Progressive Party's views.
(b) H is offended by the photo on the poster.
(c) It is on top of the Senoh Family Tailors poster.
(d) H considers the poster propaganda.

13. H accompanies a group of students transporting what from Mitsubishi Electric?
(a) Rifles.
(b) Electrical wires.
(c) Food.
(d) Lightbulbs.

14. Why is Toshiko distant when H comes to visit in Chapter 48?
(a) Toshiko is still angry with H.
(b) Toshiko is embarassed by her behavior.
(c) Toshiko is afraid that H will become violent again.
(d) Toshiko feels H has betrayed her.

15. What does H do with his 10 yen grant?
(a) H gives it to a sickly classmate.
(b) H spends it on himself.
(c) H buys food for his family.
(d) H sends it to his mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does H's family win?

2. What does Mrs. Tazaki want to swap her sweet potatoes for?

3. How can H's family hear what the family next door says?

4. What declaration is presented to Japan by the Americans?

5. After the end of the war, who replaces the military as the figure of authority?

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