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Kappa Senoh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to a school instructor, how might American troops behave?
(a) More generously than the Japanese forces.
(b) Less respectful than the Japanese forces.
(c) More civilized than the Japanese forces.
(d) More animal-like than the Japanese forces.

2. To whom do the boys compare Instructor Tamori?
(a) Prime Minister Tojo.
(b) Uncle Hadano.
(c) H's favorite God.
(d) The Emperor.

3. How does H learn lettering?
(a) By copying others' work.
(b) By asking his mother for help.
(c) By practicing all night
(d) By using newspapers as examples.

4. What is H's first confirmation that the war is over?
(a) American music is played freely.
(b) Uncle Hadano has taken down his window coverings.
(c) Food is easier to get.
(d) Newspapers have begun printing truthful information.

5. Where does Hayashi and his family evacuate to?
(a) Toyooka.
(b) Fukuoka.
(c) Osaka.
(d) Nagoya.

6. What does H plan to do at the "Hold on Bridge?"
(a) Commit suicide.
(b) Fish.
(c) Watch the sunset.
(d) Meet George.

7. Where do Toshiko and H go when they move out of the Church?
(a) To join Yoshiko in Hiroshima.
(b) To Korea to stay with Kaneda.
(c) To the school.
(d) To Tokyo.

8. How does H plan to win the friendship of American troops?
(a) Bring them snacks.
(b) Draw sketches of them for free.
(c) Show them around Kobe.
(d) Run errands for them.

9. What is no longer published in newspapers?
(a) Advertisements.
(b) Reports on raids.
(c) Weather reports.
(d) Obituaries.

10. What message does Mr. Kawano send to H?
(a) That his friend is in trouble.
(b) That H might fail his class.
(c) That Mr. Naito is a bad influence.
(d) That he must move back home.

11. During the air raid, where does H go to hide from the enemy plane?
(a) Behind a concrete water tank.
(b) Under a metal staircase.
(c) Underneath a streetcar.
(d) Inside an abandoned building.

12. Why are the clubs being disbanded?
(a) The Americans have banned all gatherings.
(b) To avoid suspicion of military training.
(c) Students are too busy rebuilding Kobe.
(d) There is no money for club activities.

13. What do the boys agree should be done with the rifles?
(a) The rifles should be used against the American troops.
(b) The rifles should not be used to fight American troops.
(c) The rifles should be handed over to the Americans.
(d) The rifles should be destroyed.

14. In Chapter 45, what does H think of his family's new housing?
(a) It is small.
(b) It is modern.
(c) It is beautiful.
(d) It is substandard.

15. Why is it suggested Prime Minister Tojo is a disgrace?
(a) He did not commit suicide the day the war ended.
(b) He cheated on his wife.
(c) He lied to the Japanese people.
(d) He embezzled money from the military.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arranges H's first paying job?

2. What does Toshiko bring back with her from the country?

3. For which bird is H's workplace named?

4. Who objects to Toshiko feeding the starving soldier?

5. Who helps H graduate?

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