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Kappa Senoh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who dies in Chapter 24?
(a) Morio.
(b) Kamikera.
(c) Furuta.
(d) Admiral Yamamoto.

2. Why does H run away when he hears tambourines and drums approaching?
(a) H dislikes all forms of music.
(b) It means that Christian street preachers are coming.
(c) H fears that the tambourine and drum players will ask him to join in.
(d) H wants to avoid his mother at all costs.

3. What is stopping Japan from scheduling the Olympics at the same time as the anniversary celebration?
(a) Lack of athletes.
(b) The public are not in the mood for competition with other countries.
(c) The anniversary celebration is proving to be expensive.
(d) The war with China.

4. In Chapter 23, What does H do instead of studying?
(a) Spy on the neighbors.
(b) Play outside.
(c) Build model airplanes.
(d) Read the newspaper.

5. What does Hayashi warn H not to do?
(a) H should not count the number of railroad cars.
(b) H should not go home past curfew.
(c) H should not sketch pictures of soldiers.
(d) H should not read any English books.

6. At the firing range, why are many of the shooters' bullets missing the target?
(a) The shooters are blind.
(b) The shooters are inexperienced.
(c) The target is too far away.
(d) The shooters are taking too long to aim.

7. Why does H believe Germany is not to be trusted?
(a) Germany is betraying Japan when Japan needs them the most.
(b) H secretly read an anti-German newspaper article.
(c) A German tourist stole his uncle's bicycle.
(d) The German army has attacked Japan in the past.

8. Why do the police take Morio in for questioning?
(a) Morio is caught spying from the roof of the fire station.
(b) Morio did business with American and British people prior to the war.
(c) Morio refused to purchase a gas mask.
(d) Morio stole some rationed goods.

9. Why does Toshiko want her children to learn how to use silverware?
(a) Silverware is easier to wash.
(b) Toshiko does not want her children to feel awkward when using cutlery.
(c) All of Toshiko's friends use silverware, and she wants to fit in.
(d) Silverware is more hygienic.

10. According to H, what is the purpose of the news reports?
(a) To confuse the reader.
(b) To pass on accurate information.
(c) To make the enemy look bad.
(d) To build national morale.

11. What puzzles H about his teacher?
(a) H's teacher never loses his temper.
(b) H's teacher did not tell his mother about the lie he told.
(c) H's teacher is lazier than his students.
(d) H's teacher gives him good grades no matter what.

12. Why does Yoshiko take the broken fork?
(a) Yoshiko thinks H should not have to use a broken fork.
(b) Yoshiko is scared of her brother.
(c) Yoshiko secretly uses chopsticks, so it doesn't matter to her what fork she is given.
(d) Yoshiko wants to impress her mother by doing something nice.

13. What rule of his mothers is H embarrassed about?
(a) H must join his mother at Church every morning for prayer.
(b) H must go home directly from school before going to the beach.
(c) H must finish his milk before he can go out and play.
(d) H must read the Bible for an hour as soon as he returns from school.

14. What does H learn during his summer?
(a) The Hiroshima dialect.
(b) A Japanese war secret.
(c) How to steer a boat.
(d) How to mend socks.

15. Why does Toshiko not want to buy the gas masks?
(a) Gas masks are unattractive.
(b) Gas masks are expensive.
(c) Gas masks are poorly made.
(d) Gas masks are heavy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does H draw sketches of during a stop?

2. What is considered "un-Japanese" at school?

3. What does the Gokoku Shrine contain?

4. Why is Morio's apprentice, Shige, crying when H returns home from school one day?

5. What two sports are banned?

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