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Kappa Senoh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does H's father describe his shop as?
(a) A meeting place for the secret police.
(b) A run of the mill tailor shop.
(c) A local hangout.
(d) An upscale business.

2. What happens on December 8th?
(a) America attacks Hiroshima.
(b) America attacks Kobe.
(c) Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.
(d) Japan and America sign a peace treaty.

3. According to Tamori, why should H's parents stop being Christians?
(a) Tamori doesn't believe in God.
(b) Toshiko and Morio are Japanese.
(c) Toshiko and Morio had H when they were not married.
(d) Toshiko and Morio don't believe in God.

4. Why are H and Yoshiko going on a train?
(a) To visit their grandparents.
(b) To witness a religious event.
(c) To visit their cousin.
(d) To see an exhibition.

5. Why does Toshiko think that Shige-san is not qualified for the apprenticeship?
(a) Shige-san is very poor at math, and is unable to perform the simplist calculations.
(b) Shige-san has a bad leg and his body tilts to one side when he walks.
(c) Shige-san acts inappropriately towards Toshiko when Moiro is not around.
(d) Shige-san is known to be a lazy and irresponsible worker.

6. What does Tan Wantanabe teach?
(a) Art.
(b) History.
(c) Physical Education.
(d) English grammar.

7. Why does H lurk outside the movie theater instead of going inside?
(a) H's mother told him never to go into the theater.
(b) H doesn't want to run into Girly Boy.
(c) H never has enough money to see a film.
(d) H isn't interested in watching movies.

8. What does a record with a red label indicate?
(a) It is made in China.
(b) It is a special edition.
(c) It is made in America.
(d) It is a religious record.

9. Who is Kamikera?
(a) The newest member of the riding club.
(b) H's favorite horse.
(c) H's invisible friend.
(d) Furuta's best friend.

10. How does H find himself under the line of fire at the firing range?
(a) The shooters can not see him in his camouflage gear.
(b) H is confused where to stand as it is his first time at the firing range.
(c) H is not looking where he is going.
(d) H and his friends take a short cut and go the wrong way.

11. How does H deal with all the new censorship and laws?
(a) H decides to learn a new skill to help his country.
(b) H spys on the military and sells the information to his friends.
(c) H disobeys any new law that is made.
(d) H decides to give up sketching anything but sumo wrestlers.

12. At the firing range, why are many of the shooters' bullets missing the target?
(a) The target is too far away.
(b) The shooters are blind.
(c) The shooters are inexperienced.
(d) The shooters are taking too long to aim.

13. What does the Gokoku Shrine contain?
(a) The spirit of the Kobe ancestors.
(b) The crosses taken down from all the churches.
(c) The spirit of the war dead.
(d) The personal effects of deceased soldiers.

14. Why do H and Shingo get off the streetcar one stop early?
(a) H and Shingo want to visit their friend.
(b) H and Shingo want to eat some noodles.
(c) H and Shingo don't want to be seen by their neighbors.
(d) H and Shingo enjoy walking.

15. Why is Morio's apprentice, Shige, crying when H returns home from school one day?
(a) Morio has decided to let Shige go.
(b) Shige has been called up to the army.
(c) Shige pricked his fingers with a sewing needle.
(d) Morio yelled at Shige for measuring a garment incorrectly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does H draw sketches of during a stop?

2. What is forbidden on the train?

3. What is stopping Japan from scheduling the Olympics at the same time as the anniversary celebration?

4. After seeing the condition of his grandparents home, how does H feel?

5. What does H's mother make him do everyday before going to school?

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