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Kappa Senoh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the firing range, why are many of the shooters' bullets missing the target?
(a) The shooters are inexperienced.
(b) The target is too far away.
(c) The shooters are taking too long to aim.
(d) The shooters are blind.

2. Why does Toshiko think that Shige-san is not qualified for the apprenticeship?
(a) Shige-san is known to be a lazy and irresponsible worker.
(b) Shige-san acts inappropriately towards Toshiko when Moiro is not around.
(c) Shige-san is very poor at math, and is unable to perform the simplist calculations.
(d) Shige-san has a bad leg and his body tilts to one side when he walks.

3. What happens on H's eleventh birthday?
(a) Germany attacks Japan.
(b) America attacks Japan.
(c) Japan defeats China.
(d) Germany attacks the Soviet Union.

4. Why do the police take Morio in for questioning?
(a) Morio stole some rationed goods.
(b) Morio did business with American and British people prior to the war.
(c) Morio refused to purchase a gas mask.
(d) Morio is caught spying from the roof of the fire station.

5. What does H's father describe his shop as?
(a) A local hangout.
(b) An upscale business.
(c) A meeting place for the secret police.
(d) A run of the mill tailor shop.

6. What is the hardest drill?
(a) The bellycrawl.
(b) The pushup run.
(c) The torpedo.
(d) The butterfly.

7. Why does Toshiko not want to buy the gas masks?
(a) Gas masks are unattractive.
(b) Gas masks are heavy.
(c) Gas masks are expensive.
(d) Gas masks are poorly made.

8. What is zosui?
(a) A kind of porridge of rice and vegetables.
(b) A Japanese spy.
(c) The name of the non-aggression pact between Germany and Japan.
(d) H's favorite dessert.

9. Why does Yoshiko take the broken fork?
(a) Yoshiko thinks H should not have to use a broken fork.
(b) Yoshiko secretly uses chopsticks, so it doesn't matter to her what fork she is given.
(c) Yoshiko is scared of her brother.
(d) Yoshiko wants to impress her mother by doing something nice.

10. Why do H and Shingo get off the streetcar one stop early?
(a) H and Shingo don't want to be seen by their neighbors.
(b) H and Shingo want to eat some noodles.
(c) H and Shingo want to visit their friend.
(d) H and Shingo enjoy walking.

11. What wakes H and his friends up from their slumber?
(a) H's mother.
(b) An angry Instructor Tamori.
(c) A hail storm.
(d) An air raid alert.

12. What is considered "un-Japanese" at school?
(a) Talking about America or Britain.
(b) Learning about foreign cultures.
(c) Singing German music.
(d) Wearing clothes that is not made out of khaki.

13. What does public opinion think of the possibility of war with America?
(a) It might happen.
(b) It is inevitable.
(c) It will never happen.
(d) It has already started.

14. What does H learn during his summer?
(a) A Japanese war secret.
(b) How to steer a boat.
(c) How to mend socks.
(d) The Hiroshima dialect.

15. What do H and his friends do when "words of enemy origin" are not allowed?
(a) Hold a protest.
(b) Use the words anyways.
(c) Rat out classmates who don't follow the rules.
(d) Use substitute words.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are octopus pots also known as?

2. What will happen if more bombs are dropped?

3. Why does Kaneda leave?

4. Who is fond of giving "ear twists" to his students?

5. Why does H disapprove of people being anti-British?

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