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Kappa Senoh
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 39 | Chapter 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do H and his friends do when "words of enemy origin" are not allowed?
(a) Hold a protest.
(b) Use substitute words.
(c) Rat out classmates who don't follow the rules.
(d) Use the words anyways.

2. What do H and his friends drop from the roof of the school?
(a) Rocks.
(b) Balloons.
(c) Milk cartons.
(d) Sweet potatoes.

3. What does Toshiko do for the stranded bus passengers during the flood?
(a) Toshiko offers the female passengers a change of clothing.
(b) Toshiko invites them into her home until a new bus arrives.
(c) Toshiko brings coffee and biscuits to those waiting on the bus.
(d) Toshiko reads the passengers a passage from the bible.

4. Which character works for the newspaper?
(a) George.
(b) Mr. Tamori.
(c) Mr. Odagiri.
(d) Kaneda.

5. Why does Morio want to become a fireman?
(a) To impress his wife.
(b) To gain more meaning in his life.
(c) To avoid being forced to work in a factory.
(d) To help his neighbors in a more heroic way.

Short Answer Questions

1. What puzzles H about his teacher?

2. How does H find himself under the line of fire at the firing range?

3. What does Toshiko need to convince her neighbors to do?

4. What is Japan experiencing a shortage of?

5. How does H feel about living at the Church?

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