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Kappa Senoh
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13 | Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What will happen when H turns fifteen?
(a) H will move in with his grandparents.
(b) H will join the church choir.
(c) H will no longer be a child.
(d) H will join the army.

2. Why does H run away when he hears tambourines and drums approaching?
(a) It means that Christian street preachers are coming.
(b) H wants to avoid his mother at all costs.
(c) H dislikes all forms of music.
(d) H fears that the tambourine and drum players will ask him to join in.

3. What rule of his mothers is H embarrassed about?
(a) H must finish his milk before he can go out and play.
(b) H must read the Bible for an hour as soon as he returns from school.
(c) H must go home directly from school before going to the beach.
(d) H must join his mother at Church every morning for prayer.

4. According to Toshiko, why will Moiro most likely not receive his call-up papers?
(a) Morio is too small and barely passed the physical exam.
(b) Morio has webbed feet.
(c) Morio is too old and has bad eyesight.
(d) Morio never took the physical exam.

5. What does H's father describe his shop as?
(a) A run of the mill tailor shop.
(b) A local hangout.
(c) A meeting place for the secret police.
(d) An upscale business.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Uncle Hadano unable to go home?

2. What does a record with a red label indicate?

3. Why does H return to the gas station after reporting what he saw?

4. Why does H believe Germany is not to be trusted?

5. What is stopping Japan from scheduling the Olympics at the same time as the anniversary celebration?

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