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Kappa Senoh
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9 | Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does H's mother make him do everyday before going to school?
(a) Read from the Bible.
(b) Practice the tambourine.
(c) Do the dishes and make his bed.
(d) Sing her favorite hymn.

2. Why is Mr. Suzuki happy when he reaches the boys in the boat?
(a) The boys have impressed Mr. Suzuki with their boating skills.
(b) The boys caught seven fish for dinner.
(c) Mr. Suzuki's boat is not ruined.
(d) The boys are all safe.

3. Why does Toshiko want her children to learn how to use silverware?
(a) Toshiko does not want her children to feel awkward when using cutlery.
(b) All of Toshiko's friends use silverware, and she wants to fit in.
(c) Silverware is more hygienic.
(d) Silverware is easier to wash.

4. According to Morio, who caused the flood?
(a) The Devil.
(b) Human beings.
(c) The Chinese.
(d) God.

5. What does H do to Girly Boy at the bathhouse?
(a) H pulls Girly Boy's towel away from him.
(b) H steals his clothes while Girly Boy is bathing.
(c) H mocks Girly Boy in front of his friends.
(d) H ignores Girly Boy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kaneda leave?

2. What will happen when H turns fifteen?

3. Why is Uncle Hadano unable to go home?

4. Why does Toshiko approve of Donchan and H's friendship?

5. Why does Toshiko think that Shige-san is not qualified for the apprenticeship?

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