Daily Lessons for Teaching A Boy Called H

Kappa Senoh
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Objective: Right from the beginning of the novel, the reader can sense tension between H and his mother. In Chapter 1, we see evidence of this when H demands that his mother remove his name that she had embroidered on his sweater. Later on in Chapter 2, H is embarrassed when his mother plays music in the streets with the Christian street preachers. We also observe the conflicting religious views of H and his mother. This lesson will introduce and discuss the relationship between H and his mother.

1) Write a paragraph summarizing the relationship between H and his mother.

2) Class discussion: From what you have read, do H and his mother have an especially good relationship, a bad relationship, or a typical relationship? What embarrasses H about his mother? Do you think H is overreacting, or is his mother crossing the line? Would you be embarrassed by the things...

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