A Boy Called H Fun Activities

Kappa Senoh
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Write a letter from H to his friend Yasuo. Try to include some of the events that occurred in H's life soon after Yasuo left to live with his grandmother.

Make a map of the neighborhood.

Draw a map of H's neighborhood. Include places mentioned in the book, such as H's house, the movie theatre, the amusement park, and H's school.


In Chapter 22 there is a slogan contest at H's school. Come up with a slogan for two of the following:

a) A new restaurant.

b) A soccer team.

c) A school.

What If . . .

Imagine you had to leave your home quickly, as H did in Chapter 32. What one item would you want to take with you? Write a short paragraph explaining the item and why you chose it.

Travel Brochure

Make a travel brochure of one of the following:

a) A Kobe travel brochure. Highlight...

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