A Boy Called H Character Descriptions

Kappa Senoh
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Don-chan - This character is known as black patch because of a birthmark on the head.

Joji Fujita - This character speaks excellent English and listens to the American radio broadcasts.

Fukushima - This character informs the protagonist that a soldier was hurt during a drill.

Furuta - This character is a member of the Second Middle School rifle club, and is the character who suggests to the protagonist to join the Rifle Club.

George - See Joji Fujita

H - See Hajime Senoh

Uncle Hadano - This character builds an air raid shelter under the floor of a house.

Iwao Hayashi - This intelligent character is a champion wrestler.

Instructor Hisakado - This decent and well-trusted character is in charge of the rifle club.

Itchan - This character causes a friend to be called a spy.

Ryohei Koiso - This character is a well-known artist...

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