A Boy Called H Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kappa Senoh
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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

• H and his family are introduced.

• H befriends a local delivery boy named Noodles.

• Signs of war are evident when H hears a military secret.

• Noodles is taken away by police.

• H is embarassed by Toshiko's religious ways.

Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

• H visits the movie theater and sees his friend Girly Boy.

• Girly Boy gets his call-up papers, but does not join his unit.

• H finds Girly Boy's body in the gas station restroom.

• Yoshiko shows her love for H by using his broken fork.

• Yoshiko gets lost during a game of hide and seek.

Chapter 5 | Chapter 6

• H is offered an apprenticeship at the amusement park.

• H trades candies for Oyatsu with his friends.

• H goes to see the kambishi man.

• H is embarrassed by his bed wetting problem.

• H and his mother visit the doctor many times. They visit a noodle restaurant after every visit.

• H...

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