Objects & Places from Boy Erased

Garrard Conley
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The Handbook

This is the major piece of literature that the Love In Action program uses to guide its participants in terminology and behavior.

Moral Inventory

This is the writing activity which participants of Love In Action's program complete as homework each night of the program. It is a record of past sinful behavior.


This is the Love In Action name for a family tree, which shows hereditary patterns and sinful behaviors in families, denoted by codes such as "H" for homosexuality, "D" for drugs, and "M" for mental illness.

Missionary Baptist

This is the denomination of Protestantism that is practiced by the author's family.


This is the trademark name of the journal in which the author writes his short stories.

Hampton Inn

This is the name of the place where the author and his mother stayed during the course of his treatment. It is also...

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