Boy Erased Character Descriptions

Garrard Conley
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Garrard Conley

This is the author and primary individual of the story, whose first-person narration composes the memoir, Boy Erased.


This is a peer of the author in the Love In Action conversion therapy. As others in the group, he is known only by his first initial. He is about 17 or 18, and has memorized the Bible's "clobber passages" (20).

John Smid

This is the individual who leads the Love In Action program, and is himself a reformed homosexual in the memoir.

Brother Nielson

This individual is a deacon in the Missionary Baptist church which the author's family attends. He brags about formerly being attractive to many women.

Wild Thing

This is a man who washes cards for the author's father and is also a member of his prayer circle. He joins the author and his father on a visit to the prison.


The author meets this individual in...

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