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Robert D. Putnam
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Short Answer Questions

1. In 1999 how many sixth-graders had a TV set in their bedroom?

2. What is the nickname for the state of North Carolina?

3. At what percent was social trust in Mississippi?

4. When were Americans born who were the most engaged or tolerant?

5. By 1995, what percent of Americans opposed interracial dating?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did circumstantial evidence suggest that big government caused civic disengagement?

2. What have studies shown about health and integration with the community?

3. Why did Putnam believe that there was an increase in nostalgia in the late twentieth century?

4. What did the most systematic study of civic skills in contemporary America suggest?

5. What did Putnam see as a trend in newspaper readership?

6. What did teachers report in areas where civic engagement in community affairs in general was high?

7. Why had civic life been graying in the last forty years of the twentieth century?

8. What was discovered about social capital and how people coped with life?

9. Why when looking for a job, did Mark Granovetter document that acquaintances were more important than other factors?

10. What was different about American males in their sixties and seventies at the end of the twentieth century than their grandsons?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The mass-membership organization rose in the late twentieth century. Discuss the mass-membership organization and its role in society.

Essay Topic 2

An analogy was used to compare social connectedness to a murder mystery. Discuss what tests or benchmarks needed to be used when considering possible reasons why social connectedness declined.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss bridging and bonding and provide some examples of how these types of social capital work in society.

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