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Robert D. Putnam
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the nickname for the state of North Carolina?

2. In 1999 how many sixth-graders had a TV set in their bedroom?

3. What city launched a path-breaking education reform in the late 1980s that had parent participation as a cornerstone?

4. When did the government put in place slum clearance policies?

5. Who sang, "get by with a little help from our friends"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did circumstantial evidence suggest that big government caused civic disengagement?

2. What was different about American males in their sixties and seventies at the end of the twentieth century than their grandsons?

3. What is one of the strongest predictors of whether inner-city black youths find jobs and why?

4. What is generally accepted as the most reliable index of the incidence of crime?

5. How might social capital serve as a physiological triggering mechanism?

6. What have studies shown about health and integration with the community?

7. How did the school integration busing issue illustrate the trade-offs between bridging and bonding social capital?

8. What did Putnam believe that leaders and activists must seek to do to rebuild social capital?

9. What did the most systematic study of civic skills in contemporary America suggest?

10. What did teachers report in areas where civic engagement in community affairs in general was high?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Putnam looked at official membership as a barometer of community involvement. Discuss how official membership could be a measurement of community involvement and what membership showed about civic involvement.

Essay Topic 2

The mass-membership organization rose in the late twentieth century. Discuss the mass-membership organization and its role in society.

Essay Topic 3

Argue whether race was or was not responsible for social disengagement. Use arguments from the book to support your position.

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