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Robert D. Putnam
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When was the first known use of the term social capital?
(a) 1931.
(b) 1916.
(c) 1896.
(d) 1923.

2. In 1985, of the 205 national citizens groups in existence, how many had chapters to which individual members belonged and paid dues?
(a) Less than 1/4.
(b) Less than 1/2.
(c) Less than 1/3.
(d) Less than 3/4.

3. How many members did the Environmental Defense Fund have in 1995?
(a) 100,000.
(b) 200,000.
(c) 400,000.
(d) 300,000.

4. What ages of women in the 1980s and 1990s felt the most harried?
(a) 25-54.
(b) 35-65.
(c) 30-61.
(d) 18-43.

5. In Gallup Polls in the 1990s, how many workers said they enjoyed work hours more than hours when they were not at work?
(a) 9 percent.
(b) 16 percent.
(c) 24 percent.
(d) 38 percent.

Short Answer Questions

1. During what period of time had the character of Americans' involvement with politics and government been transformed?

2. By how much did Greenpeace's membership drop when they stopped using direct-mail solicitation?

3. At the end of the twentieth century, how many Americans said that they definitely ate their evening meal as a family?

4. How many units of blood per one thousand adults was donated in 1997?

5. What age group of people was more likely to make telephone calls?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were some great social movements that occurred in the last third of the twentieth century?

2. What analogy did Putnam use to show how frequent moves disrupt civic engagement?

3. How was the early nineteenth century in New England "a very social time"?

4. What was the change in the membership numbers of major national professional organizations during the last half of the twentieth century?

5. What happened to the Little Rock, Arkansas Sertoma Club?

6. How did the effect of women getting a job outside the home have opposite effects on community involvement?

7. How were African Americans prevented from voting?

8. What are intracohort changes?

9. Why aren't voting and following politics, strictly speaking, social capital?

10. How did the amount of money that Americans spent on dues relate to the priority they placed on organizational involvement?

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