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Robert D. Putnam
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Social Capital

This was the fellowship, social intercourse, and good will that occurred from a social unit. It was both a private good and a public good.


This is giving without expecting anything in return.

Bonding Social Capital

This created exclusive groups that looked inward and was typified by country clubs and fraternal organizations.

Bridging Social Capital

This brought people together from diverse economic positions and looked outward.

Small Groups

These small assemblies appeared to be staying strong. They seemed to have added members during the last century.


These inventions reduced face-to-face interactions.

Financial Anxiety

This is a concern over income or livelihood.


This is caused when cities begin to develop outward from the city center.

The Mass Media

These activities increase passivity and lethargy.

Generational Change

This is when the varied age groups based on birth years causes a change in civic activity.

The Gilded Age and Progressive Era

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