Bowling Alone Fun Activities

Robert D. Putnam
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Read a Book by Putnam

Read another book by Robert D. Putnam.

Read a Book from the Bibliography

Choose a book from the bibliography and read more about the topics Putnam discussed in "Bowling Alone."

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Capital

Research the positive and negative effects of social capital and prepare a written or oral report discussing what you learned.

Recruitment Plan

Imagine that you are an officer in a club with declining membership numbers. Create a plan for recruiting new members.

Convert a Graph or Chart

Take a graph or chart in the book and convert it to a different type of graph or chart. For example, you might change a line graph to a circle or bar graph.


Conduct a survey of your peers and adults in your community. Determine whether more people belong to face-to-face associations or mass-membership organizations. Summarize your findings...

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