Bowling Alone Character Descriptions

Robert D. Putnam
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American Society

This was an arena where civic participation and social capital were declining.

Americans in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

This was a time period when individuals were more engaged in civic affairs.

Americans at Mid-Century

This was a time when people were happier and suffered fewer health issues.

Americans in the Last Half of the Twentieth Century

This was a time when social capital declined.

Americans During the Great Depression

This was a time when civic engagement might have decreased because of financial worries and anxiety.

Working Women

These individuals' livelihood was created outside the home.


These people faced long commute times.


These people spent time in informal conversations and had an active social life.


These individuals made things happen in the community and spent much of their time in formal organizations.

Baby Boomers

This was a group or generation that...

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